Thursday, August 18, 2011

The girls weren't too bad to get in last night.  By the time I got outside Louise  was standing by the outside bunk about 15 feet from their gate.  Mocha & Thelma showed up pretty quick & they actually followed John into the pen.  Well after Mocha took a left turn into Frijolita's pen to look around.  Louise wasn't interested in moving, I would imagine after a day of roaming around her feet were probably really sore.  Must have been she actually stood for John to put a halter on her, & she went with him without too much trouble.  

Mocha is really moving good considering how nasty her feet looked.  She's hardly knuckling over at all & seems comfortable.  They've been all over the 10 acres, & we let them out again overnight.  Haven't been out yet this morning to see what's happening, although John did say Louise is out by the well house.  If everyone is OK this morning I guess we'll let them out today when Burroland is open.  Hope they have enough sense, especially Louise to not go too far.  

Last night when John went out to round up he found Pepper down in a dusting spot, not able to get up.  He seems determined to lay down on his right side, which has an old cracked hip & a blown front knee on that side.  And once he's down on that side, enjoying his dusting & "nap", when he gets ready to get up, he doesn't have enough "oomph" to get his feet under him.  Then he flops & thrashes around until he wears himself out.  

John got a couple of ropes to put on his bottom legs to flip him over to his good side, but said he kept spinning around.  Michelle was here cleaning house, so she went out to help.  John said when they got him up he was so wore out they didn't know if he was going to stay up or not.  Of course now he has a "reputation" for breaking legs, so they have to make sure if he does go down he doesn't take them with him.  John said they just stood beside him until he stopped teetering & could follow John.  Poor old guy, the mind is certainly willing, but the old body just can't keep up. 

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