Friday, August 12, 2011

BUSY DAY TODAY...........!!!!

This morning our helpers couldn't get across the San Pedro River, it was running about 3 feet deep.  We didn't get any rain yesterday but obviously someone south of us did.  So John & I "got it done".............!!!  Well he's still got to pick up poo, but everything else is done.  

Tyler & Shawn are coming early this afternoon to trim Beau, Mocha, Thelma & Louise.  He's pretty good on handling the more difficult ones & has trimmed long feet for me before.  I'm sure Tyler will want to check Falena's shoe he put on her a couple of weeks ago.  Most of the time she walks with the foot flat on the ground, but about 25% of the time she walks with it turned under or stands with it turned.  We'll see what he has to say, it might take awhile to retrain the tendons, I just don't know. 

Courtney & Dorothy will probably be here later, to trim bad feet, ie, Jenny, Pepper & a couple of others.  If they all get here at the same time, John's going to be a busy boy, rounding up victims.......!!!! LOL

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