Monday, August 08, 2011

ROUND UP WENT WELL..........!!!!

Everything went very well, considering how much could have gone wrong.......!!!! LOL  There was 8 people, & one horse, which we didn't need thank goodness.

Ann brought fourteen 12 foot panels, wanted to make sure we had enough if we needed them.  I think they actually used about 7 of them, here is some of the people setting up panels, while some of the others went down on the property to "introduce" themselves to the herd.  

They actually were pretty good to "herd", weren't very spooky & walked along in front of their new "friends", until they got pretty close to the trailer.  This is about when they came to a screeching halt to look at the thing.........!!!  The 2 younger ones were born on the property & probably didn't even know there was a world out there, so it was all new to them.  

 The 3 girls went into the corral pretty quickly.  Getting them into the trailer took a little bit longer.  They were scared & their feet are long & it's been a long time since they were even in a trailer, & in Mocha's case never.  

Lots of feet in a small area, they never offered to kick or anything, they were just a little confused on what we wanted them to do.  A little pushing, shoving & pulling & they were all in. 

Beau had been keeping his distance & watching what was going on without getting too close.  Now it was his turn.  

He went in pretty good & we all breathed a sigh of relief, didn't even have to use the horse because they never tried to run or get away from us.  

Congratulations & thank you around, loaded up all our "toys" & everyone headed home.  We got home & John backed up to Beau's pen to let him out.  

When it came time to get out..........................nope.........not going.  Didn't want to come in, don't want to go out.  John finally had to put a lead on him & use the corral panel to drag him towards the back of the trailer.  He finally got the idea & hopped out.  

Thelma & Louise, (they came with their names) stumbled out as best they could with their feet, but Mocha of course had never been in a trailer before, & like Beau, decided she wasn't going out.  Finally watching the moms outside was too much & she stumbled out too.  

John had put the others in pens so he could back up the truck without running over someone.  They've never figured out that vehicles could be dangerous.  So the new ones were surrounded by nosy neighbors, that checked them out real good.  

This is what Thelma's feet are like.  Louise's are more round like a pancake, rather than growing out in front.  Either way makes it difficult for them to walk.  They have an appointment with the trimmer Friday.  

So far Mocha seems to be the most curious.  The moms are fairly friendly, like to be scratched.  Beau seems to be sure we are up to something.  This morning John tried to spray him with fly spray.  Not going to get a chance to do that again for awhile I guess............!!!!! To say Beau was unimpressed with being sprayed is an understatement. 

John opened Burroland today & tonight 7 didn't come in at all.  There is so much green stuff everywhere right now that they are trying to eat it all.  Green stuff I don't mind, but they are also eating mesquite beans.  I told John we might just start making sure Pepper is OK, & to heck with the rest.  Have talked to a couple of friends & their animals are doing the same thing. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Tish!
The pictures of those feet just make me sick...poor things.
Please be sure & post after pictures.
Glad things went well....could have been much worse.
Will call you tomorrow :-)
Mailed your package today.
Hug my boy for me.

Tish said...

Believe it or not the people have a memory book of pictures,like when the little ones were born. Of course they didn't "notice" the funky feet on Mocha, when they took the pictures........!!! DUH!

Susan and Joe said...

What the hell is wrong with these people? Those poor donkeys, Hopefully the trimmer can make them lots more comfortable.