Sunday, August 14, 2011

CRISIS DU JOUR...............!!!!

 Our helpers got across the San Pedro this morning, & the donkeys were on the 10 acres, so the morning was going really well..............except they couldn't find Cheyenne, the smallest mini.  We went ahead & fed & started looking for her again.  It was strange, she didn't bray & of course the others weren't paying any attention to anything except what personally pertained to them, like "where's my stuff".  
Lisa & John went out after everyone was fed, & searched the 10 acres & didn't find her.  By now we're really starting to get worried, that she might be down behind a bush, & she is so small unless you were on the side she was you might miss her.  

John walked the perimeter & didn't see any "escape" prints.  Now we're REALLY starting to worry.  John went out to let everyone out when they finished eating, & they headed straight for the closed Burroland gate.  John went with them, & saw something flopping around in one of their many many dusting holes.....................GUESS WHO?  We have no idea how she managed to get over on Burroland but there she was, happy as a clam.   GRRRRRRRRR.......!!!!  When John gets a chance he's going to check the fence between this side & Burroland to see if he can figure out how she got over there.  We didn't get in from the races last night until after 2am & John went out at 7:30, so she didn't have a lot of time to "do her thing".  BRAT.......!!!!

We have to get one of the spa room screens fixed.  A donkey nose trying to play with cats inside house, destroys screens.  The screen didn't tear, the whole frame came apart.  We had all the screens fixed this year with metal screening, rather than the flimsy mesh, the cats went thru that stuff like hot butter.  So we were pleased to see the screen hold up.  Of course I would imagine it costs more to fix the frame than to re-screen it............!!!!  SIGH!


Janet Abbott said...

I really enjoy your BLOG Tish!! I guess you have more time to write these days because of your knee... which I'm sure you will be using again soon. Janet

Tish said...

I sure hope so, this lifestyle is getting old in a hurry. (G)