Saturday, August 06, 2011

GOING RACING TONIGHT...............!!!


Well not exactly............we're going to the races & John is taking the golf cart, so I can get around the pit area.......while our son races the Super Stock.....!!!! That is if it doesn't rain, right now it looks pretty dreary.  If the races were cancelled tonight that would be one less race I would miss, so that wouldn't break my heart.  But I know how disappointing it is for everyone when the races are rained out, so guess I won't wish for that.

The donkeys were really uninterested in coming in this morning, so John is still talking about closing off Burroland.  Even Cisco was dragging his feet, he usually goes along to get along with whatever is going on.  At one time John gathered up a group of 5 or 6 & he said they kept going thru the thick brush because they've figured out he can't.  Once they figured out he was keeping up with them anyway, he said they started peeling off one at a time & going back to the "snack" area until he didn't have any by the time he got to the gate.  Even Jack & Rusty the mules held out & they weren't even in Burroland they were up by the hay barn.  Quilla just looked at his lovingly prepared beet pulp & Lakin Lite with supplements & walked off.  I've been pretty neutral on this power struggle, but as difficult as it is for me to stand & mix supplements, I might get a little more militant if it continues.  

Everything is set for tomorrow & getting the 4 donkeys.  Sure hope it isn't raining when we're rounding up, that would really be messy.  I'm taking fly masks to put on them, & also wormers.  I hope our helpers can worm them for us.  Otherwise no telling when it would get done.  John has held donkeys while I wormed them, but he's never wormed one by himself, especially an unhandled one.  

I'm hoping to get some pictures, but not sure how close to the action I'll be able to get. 

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