Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is a long shot, but stranger things have happened & this old boy needs a home.  A man got in touch with me awhile back, said he had been foreclosed on & needed a home for his 30+ mule that eats mush, can't eat hay.  The man is running out the clock on his home, hoping for a place for his old friend.

I've tried to come up with something, a friend has gotten in touch with 8 individuals & 3 rescues & there's no place for this mule.  One of the rescues said to just euthanize him.  Not exactly the type of help one would hope for from a rescue right off the bat.  

If I wasn't crippin' around on a broken leg I might try to talk John into adding just one more to the mix, I know Rusty & Jack wouldn't mind.  But that would be a lot of ask of John especially when we don't know if my leg will have to be operated on or not.  

So if anyone in the area might like to give an old gentleman a retirement home, please let me know.  He wouldn't take much, just some mush & a little attention.


Anonymous said...

Stuff like this breaks my heart.Can you give me some more personal details, like his name, by mush do we mean soaked pellets? I'll put it on my Facebook page & send to all my equine friends. Wish we could take him... but you know my situation.

Tish said...

The man's name is T.J. phone # 602 380 4585. He lives in Tolliston or however it's spelled, but if we could find a home for him, I can get someone to haul him if necessary.

All I know about the mule is he's 30+, blind in one eye & can't eat hay, & TJ is staying in his foreclosed house as long as he can to try to find a home for his buddy. But I guess Sept 15th is the last day he can stay there.

Sad day today, we lost Louise.