Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thelma, Louise & Mocha have really caught on to this, going in the pen routine twice a day.  They go in better than some of the old Jenny for instance.  This morning most of them were over in Burroland, & eventually it got down to Cisco, Pepper & Jenny.  Lisa hauled Cisco back by halter & lead, & John got the pleasure of escorting Pepper.  John said they have to go the way Pepper wants to go thru the brush.  If there are 2 or 3 paths they can take, John says he finds out real quick, if he's trying to take the "wrong" one.  And with Pepper it's much easier to just "go along to get along" with him & do it his way.  

Jenny is still over there, in fact Lisa took the zinc oxide over there to doctor her "in the field" so to speak.  They tried everything to get her to come over here, but there are just too many mesquite beans ripe & ready to fall, for her to leave them.  

Selena & Falena are about the 1st ones to greet John when he goes out in the morning.  Then they walk around with him as he gets organized.  But they are very judgemental when it comes to wasting their valuable time.  If they don't think things are moving along at an acceptable pace, they take off & go back to Burroland, which is what they did this morning, just about the time we were ready to feed.  They move faster than any of the other donkeys, I told John I think they've been on a lot of acreage, they don't move like they've been in a pen that's for sure. 

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