Thursday, August 25, 2011


 Carol Grigg - Mule in Bath

I think he might have thought I was sitting around eating bon-bons or something.  He's getting baptism under fire now..........well except for the medical, trying to figure out what would be best to do, part.  I'm still getting to do that.  When Lisa comes over she & I do the doctoring, but she wasn't here this morning, so John got to be the medic.  Number one, he isn't the medic type, he doesn't like all that icky stuff & when it comes to bandaging something...........well let's just say it's very frustrating to watch...........!!!! (G)  I keep telling myself he's doing a much better job than I would if I was doing electrical or plumbing or changing a fuel pump.  Hopefully I'll get good news Monday & this little bump in the road will be just a memory & we can get back to normal, whatever that is.  

It was a little easier to round them up this morning because they were on the 10 acres, but of course there are always a few hold outs, to keep the game interesting for us & for them.   Especially them, for the most part we just find it irritating.  

We're taking Jenny's boots off every morning & making sure they aren't rubbing too much on her coronets.  The major problem is I don't think any company makes boots specifically for donkeys.  So as usual we're trying to use a horse product for a donkey.  Donkey feet are not horse feet & hers are deformed from years of chronic laminitis & neglect.

Courtney said she has left them on more than one day at a time up to 5 days & had no problems...........on horses.  But Jenny needs more supervision than that, so every morning we take her boots off, & check her over.  It wouldn't be so bad except she has a sense of humor, at least I guess that's what it is.  If you try to pick up her foot she will lift the other one off the ground & just stand there.  She's always done it, so I can only assume she gets a thrill by being in charge.  

Sure will be glad when fly season is over.  Saw an ad on TV yesterday, from Spalding Labs & they said the leg biting flies are stable flies.  They were saying that in order to control flies you have to use the right methods.  Guess I need to read up on stable flies to see if fly predators & fly traps will get them.  The fly traps are keeping busy, we have 8 bags hanging away from the pens, & when you walk in the area you can hear them "partying" like there's no tomorrow. Guess for them there isn't, good riddance.

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