Friday, August 05, 2011


John is talking about driving down today & opening the outside gates to Burroland & putting out some salt to entice the range cattle in, so I guess he's had it with independent donkeys.  I hope there are enough cows to make a difference, we don't hear or see them as often as we use to.  The owner died & I don't know what the family is going to do long term.  Right now it is humid enough that the little rain we've gotten has really made everything grow.  If the donkeys get to munch on it everyday they keep it from over growing.  But if he closes it off for a few days, & no cows show up, & then decides to let them back on, there will be a LOT of new growth on all the weeds they've been keeping chewed down.  I think I'll have a talk with him about maybe not doing that.......!!!!

The round-up is set up for Sunday afternoon for the 4 donkeys we'll be adding to the herd.  Ann Jost from Care for the Horses is bringing corral panels, & a friend of hers is bringing his roping horse, just in case.  The donkeys are on acreage with no way to get them into a small area.  The 3 girl's feet are so bad I don't think they will be a problem, but Beau has decent feet & a little bit of attitude.  No one wants to run around in the heat of the day, chasing a donkey, so he might get his little self roped, hate to do it, but it would be much easier on everyone, even him.  I'll make it up to him later.........!!! Ha!    

Tom that got the 6 mammoths is also going to help.  He will be our expert, since he does so well with the unhandled ones.  We'll take halters & all that, but the plan right now is to just run them into the trailer.  

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