Friday, August 19, 2011

1.1 inches of rain, sure seemed like a lot more than that as hard as it was coming down. 

When John went out to let the ones that had come in for supper, none of the hold outs had come over.  This morning looked like it was going to be a repeat performance, so John had to go over to Burroland & get them to come over.  Most of them eventually wandered over.  Thelma, Louise & Mocha were already over here, & Louise's feet are really bothering her.  John told her she shouldn't wander so far off from her pen.  Actually yesterday she stayed in the pen all day, although the other two went off exploring. 

The wash ran last night & it looks like we might get some more rain today, so Burroland is closed for the day.  Cisco & Justin tried to come across after we had fed, but of course wouldn't put their little toes in running water, & later on they had disappeared into the brush of Burroland with the rest of the hold outs. 

Had to take Jenny's boots off this morning.  All the rain & moisture has made both her coronets under the boots soggy.  Hopefully the ground is soft enough that she won't get too ouchy going barefoot for a couple of days.  She's the only one in boots right now. 

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