Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TRIM DAY.............!!!!

Courtney came this afternoon to check everyone out & finish Quilla's trim. She only trimmed his club foot right after he got here.

She thinks the inside of his clubfoot probably looks worse than the outside. He stood real good considering he hasn't been trimmed in over 9 years. She even used power tools on him a little bit, which he wasn't real sure about. But animal crackers & getting them seemed more important than raising a fuss over a disc sander.

She looked at Lucy's udder which is still swollen although seems to be a little better. She said it might be a scorpion or something like that. If Lucy was laying down I guess a scorpion might sting her if it felt threatened. I'm giving her antibiotics. John said maybe we should take her to the vet, but I'm pretty sure they'd prescribe antibiotics anyway. As long as she is improving, I'll continue to treat her myself.

Chester got a trim also. He stood pretty good for him. She always trims his good front foot first. He seems to stand better on the bad leg, if she does it that way. He is the only one that will not allow power tools. We tried to tell him everyone else lets her use the power tools, even the girls. But he doesn't seem to care..........!!! (G)

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