Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is the jenny & her little jack we saw a few days ago. They were very friendly, unlike the jack. Got a call from May yesterday & getting him into the corral with food & water isn't going well. Although her cow doesn't have a problem & is eating his hay too. The cow doesn't see monsters hiding in that corral I guess. She said she would call in a few days to update us.

In the meantime we are having to think about plan B. We have a racing friend that works at a dude ranch not far from Dos Cabezas. Although I hate to do it, we will ask him if he & a friend could rope him for us. I have to weigh one roping experience against being used for roping on a regular basis.

I still haven't figure out all the logistics, if anyone has any brilliant ideas I am certainly open for suggestions. I'd love to have access to a squeeze chute to put him in long enough to tranqualize him before gelding.
I would imagine that these 2 cars look like junk to most people. Obviously to donkeys they look like toys. John is hauling these cars to Tucson for a neighbor as scrap. Yesterday he hauled them over to our property to await their fate, hopefully this week.

This morning when he went out, the upholstery & anything else left in the cars that looked interesting had been removed & strung out in a pattern that met with their approval. Most of the windows are broken & jagged with loose glass all over the inside. I checked everyone & there isn't a scratch anywhere. But they sure had fun. I hope the entertainment value has worn off & the donkeys will leave them alone until he can get them out of here.Our latest visitor, nice & fat getting ready to hibernate I guess. Yesterday it was out in the open headed across the driveway. John was going to catch it with the catcher & put it in one of the brush piles. But after we watched it for awhile, we figured out it was actually heading for the nearest brush pile, so I took a picture & left it alone.

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