Monday, September 14, 2009

MICE FREE......!!!!!

I am happy to report that although we are keeping the trap ready & waiting, so far no more mice. John trimmed the limb & nailed the warped board, & it seemed to fix the problem. I spent most of one day cleaning the feed room top to bottom after not catching a mice for a couple of days. Well not exactly top to bottom, John noticed I didn't clean the top of the refrigerator. As I told him, I'm not tall enough to see up there, so from my point of view, it doesn't need to be cleaned.

Burroland is a definite hit. Poor old crippled Pepper does his best to be the first one in line waiting for John to come over & open the gate. They get such pleasure from going over there, it's really sad to think of all the equines in the world that live their lives in small pens or stalls, awaiting the pleasure of their owners. When we go to town we pass by 3 mules that live in a small pen by a hay field. There is no shade of any kind except for a very small tree, maybe 8 feet tall. Certainly not big enough to make shade for 3 mules. I don't understand the mindset of a human being that would not do whatever they could to make sure animals under their responsibility were kept in comfortable conditions. It doesn't take much, clean water, adequate food & shelter to get out of the weather, be it sun or rain.

I don't know what they do over there, but for the most part they all stay together in a herd. Except for the 2 mules, I don't think they go over there at all. John has been going over in the morning & "escorting" them back over here. I told him this morning he is setting a bad precedence a few days of that, & they will think they don't have to come over here until someone shows up. I ring the bell & expect them to show up., although my expectations aren't always met. The minis usually bray when they hear the bell, but they don't come running.

Everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now. Quilla is the only one I am having to doctor every day. All four of his legs have to be covered with zinc oxide every day to keep the flies away & also to helpfully get some moisture into the tissue.

We're probably going to start feeding Frijolita by herself. She's been eating with Buster & Lucy, but we think she is eating more than her fair share of the hay. Lucy has started checking out the feeders when we open the pens, which she has never done before, so I assume she is still hungry. Firjolita's opinion of eating alone without access to more hay than her ration

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