Tuesday, September 22, 2009

YEAH.......COME GET ME..........!!

Yesterday we went out to check on the 2 jacks that need to be gelded. Hmmmm..........this is going to be "interestin". The big jack is running on 40 acres & she was right, he's wild. I took sugar free peppermints, & animal crackers, & the best treat of all ginger snaps with me to show I was a friend bearing gifts. He all but told me what I could do with my gifts.........!!!! She has a smaller pen & said she would start feeding & watering him in there. If she can get him in there, & also keep him in there, without getting out, hopefully we can back the trailer up to the gate & run him in the trailer. Of course that brings up another problem. Most vets really prefer a cooperative patient, & I have no idea how they could put him out to do the surgery. A dart gun comes to mind......!!! (G) He's a pretty boy, but she doesn't want him. So I'm afraid if we do get him gelded, & he goes back there he'll either just continue to run wild or she will give him to the first person that will take him, probably a roper. I'm sure he's the type they like to "play" with. So we've talked about if we can get him in the trailer, if we can find a vet to geld him, if they can get it done, then bringing him out here, putting him in Max's old pen, which is about 36 x 40 & trying to work with him. I have this thought in the back of my mind, that if he does come out here, he & Tula will probably become an item. Just what she needs, someone that thinks like she does.

This morning started out a little unusual. John went out to start rounding them up, & I came out later. Just as I got to the feed room, I heard thundering hooves running over from Burroland. Looked up & it was Buster & Chester, running & wrestling. At first I thought they were playing, but I don't think so, Chester was trying too hard to intimidate Buster, & Buster seemed to appreciate me breaking it up. He went over to Lucy to soothe his shattered nerves.......!!! (G) Chester didn't look mad or didn't try to continue, so I have no idea what was going on.

Then John noticed Buddy Brat wasn't eating his hay. For Buddy not to eat, you know something is wrong. We watched him for a few minutes, & he laid down & tried to roll. So I went for the banamine & John got a halter & lead. We walked him for about 30 minutes, actually John walked him, he wouldn't walk with me. He seemed to be just fine, even pooed, so I would imagine he just had some gas colic. This is why it doesn't do much good for us to plan our days we never know what is going to happen.

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