Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well this has certainly been a couple of "interesting" days. Monday I was having so much trouble with my computer I decided to reload Windows.............."WHATEVER YOU EVER DO, DON'T DO THAT".........!!!! I liked the old days when you could reload a program, & life pretty much returned to normal. First thing I noticed after reloading Windows wiped all my data off the hard drive. All the personal stuff like pictures & letters, documents, etc.............GONE........!!!

My hard drive had been giving me an error message for a few weeks when it loaded anyway . So yesterday we made an emergency run to the "puter" store. Because my computer was 5-6 years old they didn't recommend just replacing the hard drive. I'd already figured that out, although it was a shock to John. (G) So for the next few days or weeks, I will be attempting to get my life back. What did we do before we had these machines? I think I read a lot.

In amongst all this drama, & believe me it can get dramatic when I remember something that is missing, John came in from feeding the chickens last night & reported a rattlesnake caught in the chicken wire. Over the years we've had 6 or 7 get caught, one unfortunately we found too late. So we gathered up the snake grabber & our little plastic box & headed to the chicken pen. Destiny was helping feeding last night, & seemed to think this was lots of fun. In fact she wanted to take the snake home to show her folks, which didn't happen... (G)

I was in charge of the grabber to keep the head from turning back & biting John, while he was trying to cut the wire enough for the snake to get out. Destiny's job was to try to keep the silly guineas from running over the snake. They seem to operate in a panic mode most of the time, & with 3 people & a snake in their pen, they upped the panic into high gear.

Once the snake was loose we were just going to let it go, but it tried to go thru the wire on the next pen. Obviously not the smartest rattlesnake in the world. So John caught it & stuck it in the box. He & Destiny took it over into Burroland & turned it loose. Since we've been turning all the mice loose in the chicken pen, & we haven't seen any of them, I have a feeling I know what's happening to them................!!!! YUCK! They probably became "Snake Snacks"..........!!!

Last night when John let the donkeys out at bedtime, he came in & said Daisy was standing with her ears down & wouldn't take her carrot. Standing with the ears down wasn't so bad, but not taking a carrot is very unusual behavior for Daisy. We sat out in the pen & watched her for awhile. She was stretching her neck out like they do when they choke, but her mouth was dry, in fact too dry. I sloshed some water in her mouth, & gave her a shot of banamine. I watched her until about 1am & she was acting a little perkier. This morning she was a little better, but still not talking to us, & begging for carrots. I called the vet & she said this time of year when the weather starts to change a lot of times horses will act funny, not really off, but not really perky. Daisy got another shot this morning & ate about 1/2 her hay. She pooed & peed last night, but hasn't today. If nothing hits the ground by feeding time this afternoon, the vet said to get some mineral oil down her. This is one of my least favorite things to do, by the time you get any down them, you need a bath, they need a bath, & they are giving you the "if looks could kill look". So I'm hoping when we go out to feed, she greets us with a big bray & complains about being in the pen all day.

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