Thursday, September 03, 2009


We have been hauling mice out of the feed room 2 or 3 a night depending on our attention to emptying the trap & resetting it. We've caught well over 50 mice this summer & considering the building is concrete block with the only opening being a magnetic closing doggie door for Anubis & Nicky we haven't been able to figure out where all the mice were coming from & how they are getting in. The getting in part is still not solved..........BUT.......... we're pretty sure we are having repeat mice.

This morning John took the latest little "guest" over to the chicken pen area across the wash. He rounded up donkeys, & when it was time to start feeding he was in Daisy & Quilla's pen, stuffing a pill down Daisy's reluctant gullet. He felt something hit his foot, looked down & it was a mouse headed from the direction of the wash for the feed room at high speed. John watched & the little critter went in a dog size hole the dogs have dug under the poured concrete floor as a den. John said it looked exactly like the one he took over this morning. Not sure that is true, but it was coming from the right direction & seemed to know where to go. John had to go to town today & didn't have time to investigate the "doggie den" to see if there is a hole somewhere in the concrete that is letting them get in.

Tomorrow we will be hauling Honcho & Remington to their new home, so John might not have time to check it out. That's OK we've got this mouse catching process down to a fine art. I make a suet for the wild birds from lard, peanut butter, oatmeat & cornmeal. Believe me, I could sell that for mouse bait it is definately a rodent favorite.

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