Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well as of this morning Daisy seems to be back to normal. We saw her get a big drink this morning, & she was talking to us like she usually does, so I guess that crisis is over. She was actually doing good last night, so good I didn't try to get mineral oil down her. For both of our sakes.........!!! (G)

Frijolita is now eating in Max's pen by herself & doesn't seem to have a problem, except she wants out as soon as she gets thru eating her hay. She gets done before Buster & Lucy, so that sort of shows that she's been getting more than her share.

Still mice free in the feed room. I've kept the live trap set, just in case, but so far no takers. I'll probably go ahead & put it back in the hay barn, until next time.

I got a call from a woman a few days ago, that has an older jack & also a pregnant jenny with a 4 month old jack by her side. Someone gave her the big jack about 16 months ago....................!!!! Hmmm??? She wanted to find a home for the jack, but after I explained how impossible it is to find a good home for a jack, I had to became part of the solution. They both need to be gelded, but that particular operation has become so expensive, $225-$325, even though we said we would haul them, she can't afford to pay the vet. Some of the rescues & sanctuaries get grants to help people get medical care for their equines, even paying for euthanasia if needed. I think we will be able to get them both gelded without any cost to the woman, thanks to a very generous sanctuary not even in our state. It's all about the animals & what is best for them.

Unfortunately she says the jack is wild, & we need to find out if it would be best to haul them or to have a vet go to her place & geld them. We will go check out her place next week & see if we can figure out a plan that will work & be less stressful for the donkeys. Since the jenny is already pg I guess there isn't a real big hurry to have the big guy gelded.........!!!! (G)

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