Saturday, September 12, 2009


John never works on anything without help........!!!

Last night we wondered how long it would take them to find out Burroland was open after being closed most of the summer. We took their masks off at feeding time, & opened the gate. Only Lucy, Buster & Frijolita were out, but when John went out at 10pm to let the others out, Buster & Lucy were already gone, he followed their little hoof prints thru the gate. Frijolita was waiting for her treat, don't know if she had gone over with the other 2 & came back or what.

This morning there was no one in sight except for Jack & Rusty the mules, & of course Sha'ba who stays in at night. John found them all in one big herd, even BlackJack was with the group. Usually if you go after Tula the rest will follow. It started out that way, but by the time John got her to the gate, everyone except Quilla had peeled off along the way. Quilla is fickle, I thought he liked Jenny, but he seems to like all the girls...........well except for his pen mate Daisy.

When we let them out this morning, I would imagine they will make a bee line for the gate, that's what they usually do, for a few days, until they figure out they only get over there at night.

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