Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Yesterday John went on a mission to find out how the mice were getting in the feed room. He checked out the dog den area, & there was nothing there. He started going around the building on the outside, trying to think like a mouse I guess. A couple of years ago the little critters, chewed a hole in the plastic pieces on both sides of the air conditioner & were using that as the highway to goodies. John covered the area with boards, but yesterday he noticed that not only had one of the boards warped so there was a hole big enough for a mouse to get thru, but there was a limb from a tree laying on top of the air conditioner. GOOD GRIEF.........it was a virtual highway with no detours. Up the tree, over the limb, in the warped place & "party time".............!!!! For the first time in months there was no trapped mouse last night, or this morning........!!!!! We have our fingers crossed that this fixes the problem. I have been itching to clean the feed room, especially under the sink where we set the trap, & which seems to be their place to hang out.

John is going to check Burroland today to see if the cows have eaten the mesquite beans. Everyone seems to be doing just fine. Quilla's legs are doing good with a covering of zinc oxide every morning. I've noticed his legs are bleeding a little bit occasionally. Before I put the zinc oxide on in the morning the skin is dry & probably itches. Yesterday I noticed him rubbing his leg with his muzzle, & just that pressure caused the skin to break. I'm glad to find out it isn't really the problem reoccuring, just the thin skin. Hopefully over the winter we can get the skin in better condition for next summer.

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