Monday, September 28, 2009


My goodness someone has a lot of time on their hands, don't they? But I'm glad they do, so the rest of us can enjoy it.

The jack is now going in the pen to drink water, but not to eat, so I guess that's progress. John asked our friend if he would come & rope the jack, he's still thinking about it.....!!!! (G)

I called one vet's answering service, & haven't heard back. I perhaps shouldn't have mentioned squeeze chute & dart gun in the same sentence. I am really spending a lot of time trying to figure the logistics out. My next step will be to personally talk to a vet that is suppose to have a dart gun.

This morning Quilla had an outbreak of the bloody spots on his leg. It's just a small area, where I had not been putting enough thunja zinc oxide on I guess. So I greased it up good & added powdered zinc oxide on top. Usually the zinc oxide cream ended up covered with dirt, so maybe the powder will help with that little problem.

John cleaned the junk out of the cars yesterday. This morning he found things he missed strung around on the ground with Chester looking very proud of himself. Of course at the rate they are prowling in them for goodies, John won't have to worry about anything blowing out on the highway, when he tows them to Tucson, hopefully this week.

Right now we're in the high 90's during the day & the low 50's at night. Certainly makes it fun to decide what to wear..........!!! All the donkeys are growing their winter hair at a rapid rate. Daisy's seems to be growing in normally, rather than all that wild growth she had last winter. She has been on pergolide for most of the summer, & although she isn't losing weight very quickly, she seems to be perkier & less hairy. She & Quilla are still eating together, & seem to have reached an agreement to ignore each other. It's not as entertaining for us, but seems to work for them.

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