Friday, October 02, 2009



I guess summer is over..........!!! What's really neat is, you get to sleep under a comforter, get up & by 8am, it's time to shed the long sleeves. I LOVE THE DESERT..........!!!!

Everyone is doing good, although I had to wrap Quilla's front legs this morning. I've been good about keeping his legs covered with thunja zinc oxide, but yesterday I noticed a few little bloody spots & this morning the areas were larger. So I got out the honey & wrapped him up. I'm not sure why, but I still think that these jack sores have something to do with light sensitivity. They sure seem to do better when covered.

The wild jack is now going into the smaller pen to eat & drink. I asked May to up the ante by putting the gate up against the corral close to the opening, so he can "think" about it. Once that is OK, she can attach it to the corral, & then start opening it different directions, wide, narrow, just mix it up, until he gets bored with the game. At least I hope he gets bored with it.... (G)

I think the vet is lined up to come out here & dart him in the trailer. So if we can get him loaded, it should all be downhill from there............well except for that little nagging problem of him being wild. We'll have to work on that.

The junk cars are finally gone. John had to build a pen around them with corral panels to keep the fur kids from shopping for goodies. Can you imagine how nasty the inside of a car with the windows broken out, is after sitting for 15 years? They were pulling out the carpet & finding old mesquite beans to eat & the upholstery got pulled out with the stuffing going everywhere. John kept thinking they would get bored, or he would get enough stuff cleaned out that it wouldn't be interesting. That didn't happen.................!!!!! Glad they're gone...........!!!!!

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Dina said...

Such a sweet picture of the two.
Nice fur coat they are growing.

Enjoy the fall. I can hardly wait for ours.