Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today John loaded corral panels, t-posts, & a "thumper" in the stock trailer & I got all my paperwork lined up to turn ownership of the jack over to us. The corral panels are to make a pathway to the trailer, & the t-posts are to keep him from trying to run thru the panels, if he wants to. We are planning for a worse case scenario, & hope all of our planning won't be necessary.

We also have another couple to go with us, so there will be 6 of us. I hope so many people won't overwhelm him into trying to escape rather than following the path to the trailer. We had planned on leaving the corral panels there until we go back to get the little jack gelded. We won't be able to load him & the corral panels in the trailer at the same time. But since there are so many of us going, we've about decided to take both vans & I'll bring the corral panels home on the car trailer. We'll see how it all plays out, believe me all our plans are very flexible.........!!!!!!

Courtney came to trim today. She was quite pleased with Frijolita's feet & also Jenny's feet are doing much better. She want's me to soak Jenny, & Quilla's feet in Colloidal Silver . I used it to soak Jenny a few weeks ago, & that may be why her feet are doing better. But she has a spot right above one hoof that has never had hair on it. Occasionally it will get bloody, & I've always been able to heal it up with the Equ-aide. This time it isn't working, & I have it wrapped with honey. Courtney seems to think the Colloidal silver might work, she even loaned me a soaking boot, since Jenny can walk out of mine, at will. So we'll give it a try.

Quilla's legs have broken out again. Maybe it's the time of year or something, since both he & Jenny are crashing on me. This morning I cleaned his legs up, & wrapped them with a honey poultice. I'll check on them Wed to see how they are doing, hopefully before the vet gets here to geld the jack.

All in all she trimmed 7 of them, & said they all looked pretty good. That's always good to hear, I'd hate to have her find a case of thrush or something stuck in the bottom of a foot. That would make me feel like a bad mom.

I got a call today to do a talk at a Tucson school about the sanctuary. It's been awhile since I did one, so I'll have to get out my notes & bring them up to date. I'd like to do a slide presentation, in this day & age kids are so use to videos, some old woman standing up there talking, probably isn't going to be too interesting. If I had a video, at least they would have something to look at.........!!! (G)

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