Sunday, October 04, 2009

ROAD TRIP.....!!!!

I took this picture of Daisy this morning to show her Mom when I see her Wednesday. I'm heading up north to Flagstaff, Chino Valley & Prescott. Since I was going to be in the area, I'll get a chance to see where Daisy use to live.

John is already asking me over & over if I have the feeding schedule up to date. I don't, not yet anyway. Hopefully before I leave Tuesday morning, it will be. I keep telling him the only important things are the meds & those usually stay about the same. He never has a problem, but he sure is a worry wart until I'm off the property........... (G) Well there was that one time when Pepper choked before I was on the road 2 hours & had to go to the vet..........but that was then. Unfortunately John hasn't forgotten it, so he gets a little anxious.

Speaking of Pepper, we were calling him Larry the Lounge Lizard this morning. When it was time for the round-up he decided that Frijolita was what he had been looking for all his life. He tried to show her what a wonderful old guy he is, & she double barrel kicked at him. That seemed to get him all excited, up went the head......well otherwise his head would have been half way across the area. The ears were perky, & the old buzzard looked like he was trying to prance. He can just barely walk, but obviously old memories die hard. Good for him, it certainly keeps him moving, which is good for his arthritis.

I will wrap Quilla's front legs, so John won't have to mess with them while I'm gone. When I unwrapped them this morning some of the bloody places are still bloody. I gave my raw honey with all the wax, pollen, bee parts & whatever else was in it to a friend that has a horse with some bad fence wounds. I tried using regular eating honey, & it looks to me like it doesn't do the job like the raw honey does. I may have to go on mission when I get back, I don't know if Mr. Busby has any more of the raw dirty honey or not.

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