Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heard from May this morning & it looks like I will call the vet Monday morning & set up an appointment for the jack's "brain" surgery. Once we know which day the vet can come out, we will go over & get him in the trailer the day before. May said he is comfortable eating in the pen & doesn't mind her being in there with him. It sounds like he might not be wild, just not worked with. Hopefully..........!!!!!

We have a friend that has offered to go with us, if we need more "wranglers". Joe was the one that wrangled Fred the pot bellied pig for us a couple of years ago. He's big & strong & was raised on a farm, all things we aren't............!!! (G) The pen is large enough that John & I couldn't control it by ourselves. We will take corral panels with us to build a chute to aim him towards the trailer, but he probably will look at this as a very suspicious situation & not anything he wants to do.

This morning I wrapped Quilla's front legs with honey, cotton & vet wrap. After doing good for so long for some reason both front legs developed bloody sores again. I had changed over from the thunja zinc oxide to using Equaide because it dries rather than being gooey like the zinc oxide. Unfortunately it didn't do the job, & rather than seeing if the zinc oxide would work, I decided to just go back to square one & start over.

Yesterday Frijolita was limping around. I checked her over & she didn't want her fetlock squeezed. But today she's walking normally so I guess she just stepped wrong. Easy to do especially over in Burroland, where they head as soon as John lets them out at bedtime. Old lounge lizard Pepper is usually the 1st one to the gate. He can just barely walk, I don't know how he gets there so fast. This morning he was posturing at BlackJack, which isn't a real good idea. BJ could knock Pepper over & not even know it. No fool like an old fool I guess........!!!!! I wonder what he was like when he was young. If his personality was anything like it is now, he was a handful.

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