Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WILD MULE.........!!!

John got to chase a mule yesterday, allllllllllllll over the neighborhood. John was dragging a junk car thru the driveway gate, & Rusty the white mule took advantage of the situation when John stopped with the back of the junker in the way of shutting the gate. John said Rusty wasn't that close he didn't think. Obviously Rusty was close enough, saw an opportunity, took it, & OUT THE GATE HE WENT, with John rapidly losing the race tagging behind.

I was in the house & wasn't aware of what was going on, until later when John came dragging in & said he needed my help. I guess Rusty had gone to the T intersection, let John catch up & decided to snort & run. He ran all the way to the end of the trail. John said he ran around some brush, disappeared & a few seconds later came running back out with 2 cars in pursuit. Ran back to the T & headed west past our driveway.

When John got to the driveway, he peeled off to come & get me. I ran out got my treats, halter & lead (like that was going to happen............ :-), we jumped in the golf cart headed down the driveway.....................& noticed a big white mule at the gate waiting to be let in. I got out, opened the gate & Rusty waltzed in like it was no big deal.

Well it was a big deal, he's the first to escape out the gate in all these years, all the time he was out poor old Jack was screaming bloody murder & John looked like he'd been dragged thru a wringer after all that frantic running around. He found out a mule can get thru a gate faster than a man can get gate closed with a car in the way. He also found out this wonderful relationship he thought he had with Rusty under normal circumstances, doesn't count when Rusty had a taste of freedom.

Not sure why he came back so quick, I would have thought he would continue running around & exploring until the normal time to go in his pen to eat. Unless we could encourage him to come back. Maybe getting chased by the cars took some of the fun out of the game. I bet they were as surprised as he was..........!!! (G)


Dina said...

Wo, too much excitement for one day!
Those mules, they are too "smart" for their own good.
Once Briggs the water buffalo escaped from his pasture and was running free around Heifer Ranch. We had to wait for the man who had been his first handler when Briggs and Stratton were young. Only he was confident enough to confront that big horned heads.
Good that mules don't have horns. :)

Tish said...

EGADS! I think I'll take a mule over a water buffalo any day. I hope he was no longer "intact" as they say. Otherwise the heifers in Heifer Ranch might have thought their prayers had been answered.