Saturday, September 19, 2009

I guess for the foreseeable future I won't be able to add pictures to my blog. My new CPU isn't recognizing my external hard drive, where all my pictures least I hope they are still there. I am not a computer person, just know enough to use one in a limited sort of way. So I will have to take it to a geek I guess. ;-(

Yesterday John & I went out to visit with a couple of our alumni, Shiloh & Belle. They went to their new home a couple of years ago, & it's a great home. Shiloh has even come out of his shell more & came right up to us to be petted. As Cathie says, "they know they are loved", which is wonderful. They have 2 horse buddies now, although Cathie said the donkeys weren't too impressed at first with these interlopers. The horses names are Risen & Shine, isn't that cute.? Very nice, well behaved horses.

Belle is having problems with her old nemesis, habronema larvae. Not on her face, thank goodness, they keep a fly mask on her 24/7, which means no flies can drop their little hitchhiking stomach worm eggs. But she has a place on a front leg that is bloody, & I saw at least 3 larvae in the wound. Paul has been treating it, but until the larvae are gone & the flies are outsmarted, it will just keep getting worse until cold weather. We go racing tonight & will drop off a "care" package of Ivermectrin to use topically, equaide for the wound itself, some gauze rolls to wrap it so the flies can't reinfestate & tape to hold the gauze. Hope it helps, it will if they can keep it covered.

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