Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well maybe it isn't the Bickersons, but Daisy & Quilla are not exactly bonding as a couple. It just posturing they usually aren't even close to each other in the pen, as they pin their ears & shake their heads & Quilla turns his butt. They eat in a bunk & since there are 2 sides to the bunk, there's no problem. We tried feeding them in 2 places, in the bunk & also in a feeder on the ground across the pen. If there was any hay left in the feeder once the bunk was empty, Daisy controlled it & Quilla watched. Poor old henpecked guy........!!! (G) We went back to putting all the hay in the bunk, so when they are done, they are done.

Quilla's legs are still doing good, as long as I put the zinc oxide on every morning. I think the fly season is winding down, which helps a lot. He actually looks like he's losing a little weight. That's one reason we have him & Daisy eating together, they both are on a diet, & they eat at about the same speed.

A few days ago Chester came in limping on his bad leg. He DID NOT want behind his shoulder touched at all........!!! This morning he is almost back to normal, so I assume he stepped wrong & hurt it. Although we have x-rays of his elbow which is where everyone thought the problem was, from what Martha that comes out & massages him said, it's probably higher. The next time we have someone else x-rayed, we'll have his shoulder x-rayed & see what it looks like. Or we might take him up to Gilbert when it cools off. We have to take Pepsi up to have a sarcoid removed from under his eye, so Chester could ride along & keep him company.

John finally got a chance to check out BurroLand yesterday, & reported the cows have done a good job of cleaning up the mesquite beans. He did find a couple of areas where the fence needs to be fixed, so once that's done, they'll be able to go over there at night once their fly masks are off for the evening. I think Quilla is the only one that hasn't been over there, but since he travels with the herd, I'm sure it won't take him long to figure it out.

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