Monday, August 31, 2009


This is the only open area on Quilla's legs at this time. He's really been improving & we are down to only wrapping one leg.........this one. The others I'm trying to keep open just using zinc oxide creme to keep them moist & irritate the flies.

The body behind him is Daisy. She is actually starting to lose weight & it's starting to show. Last night when John went to round them up for supper, Daisy & Tula decided they weren't ready to go into their pens & took off running. John said they were running like goats with their headed turned to the side. That is the first time Daisy has ran since she's been here & judging from her body score, she probably hasn't ran for quite sometime, unless she had to.

This morning Terry & Mary a long term friend of Terry's came out & did some grooming. Terry use to come out almost every week & groom, until she got so many animals of her own to take care of. Mary was trying to groom Frijolita & Frijolita kept walking off & Mary was trying to groom as they moved. John finally saw what was going on & told Mary not to waste her time Frijolita doesn't like to be groomed. She started on Jenny & I kept watching them. Jenny was standing real still & later on Mary said when she wanted Jenny to move it was almost like she was reading Mary's mind. I guess Jenny wanted to make sure she got as much grooming as available. She's usually pretty good at moving if you want her to move, much better than when she first came here. Except for when you want to pick up a foot, & she picks up the one on the other side. (G)

I noticed Lucy was kicking at her belly when she was eating this morning. When I looked to see what was going on I notice one side of her udder is swollen & had a sore on it. It looks somewhat like a habronema, but not exactly. I went ahead & put Ivermectin on it just in case. I'll check it tonight & see if there is any change, & probably put some zinc oxide on it once the Ivermectin has had time to kill the larvae if there is one in there.

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