Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is how Quilla's leg looked this morning when I unwrapped it after treating with honey the last few days. It looks much better than the picture I posted a few days ago, no bloody sores although the skin itself still looks like a crispy burn. I may become a firm believer in honey as a wound treatment. Unfortunately he's been sweating underneath the bandages. I'm trying to make them as thin as possible, but it's so hot he's still sweating. I thought about using shipping boots, I have some that are made out of the same material fly masks are, which would allow for air flow. But I'm afraid they will rub on the very fragile skin. I could get down to bloody just by rubbing the black area, which is some type of scar tissue I'm not familar with. He's getting to be a very good boy when I doctor, as long as he's haltered & tied. I tried to explain to him that we can do the same thing without a halter, but so far that isn't happening. He gets animal crackers along the way, & Daisy his eating partner, figured out what was going on real quick. I've tried to get her to go out of the pen before I start doctoring. But she won't go, because she knows there's animal crackers being offered. I've explained to her that she isn't getting doctored, but she eventually gets a cracker or two. Which is the reason she hangs around.........I shouldn't have ever gave her the first one I guess.


PaintedPromise said...

lol smart Daisy!!!

you should hear my girls... when i bring them in for dinner, the two that are most advanced in pregnancy are separated and get a little mare-and-foal... the others now know they are getting SOMETHING and boy do they complain they can't get in the gate!!!

Tish said...

I try to make sure no one sees someone else get anything by hand. It just makes my life easier. (G) Frijolita hangs around outside the pen when I'm doctoring Quilla, because she's figured out what's going on too.