Monday, August 17, 2009

This is John with a "little" herd of minis. He was suppose to be rounding them up to go in their pen, but when they all show at at one time, it turns into a feeding frenzy. They are very good about not pushing & shoving & are willing to wait for their treat, as long as they know it's coming. But they do seem to think if they get as close to you as possible, the treat will show up quicker. BlackJack & Frijolita are standing by, waiting their turn.

I now have all 4 of Quilla's legs bandaged with honey on the sores. I'd like to not have to replace the bandages for 2 or 3 days, to give the honey time to do it's thing. But, I also don't want to continue bandaging with cotton & vet wrap & all that "hot" stuff. It's still 100 degress or better every day, & he was sweating under the heavy bandaging. No one has ever shown me how to bandage, although over the years I've managed to put them on & keep them on. Three of his legs aren't too difficult, the areas are on his cannon (shin) bone. If you bandage down to the fetlock & up to the knee, the larger areas keep the bandage from slipping & sliding around. BUT, one leg has sores all the way up to his hock (knee turned backwards) & down to the fetlock. I'm trying to get by with just using non-stick gauze pads, surgical tape to hold them in place. Then wrapping with gauze wrap & using as little surgical tape & vet wrap as possible. That is the learning curve, how much is enough & how much is too little.

Yesterday one of the bandages slid down, actually it looked like he might have caught it with one of his hooves while getting up. The area that had gotten uncovered was bleeding & really nasty looking. When I cut the bandage off, the area under it looked great, the flesh was nice & pink & no oozing or blood at all. So I'm going to continue with this treatment & will try to get pictures the next time I take the bandages off. I'm really excited about this. I know the track record for treating jack sores is not good. I've been trying to find out if there might be a connection between jack sores & sunlight sensitivity. The sores just don't look like regular summer sores caused by habronema larvae, although that might be what starts them.

We've moved Frijolita out of the pen, to eat with Buster & Lucy. Quilla & Daisy are now eating together in the pen. They both eat slow & both need to lose weight, so it seemed like a perfect feeding arrangement. Makes him happy, he's next door to Jenny his perceived girlfriend. So far he & Daisy are ignoring each other, so not sure that relationship will ever take off.

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