Monday, August 10, 2009

Last night Jack "allowed" John to take his fly mask off out under the big mesquite tree, which is unusual as Jack doesn't like anything done to him outside of his pen. He also took a treat, but wouldn't go in his pen. This morning he went in his pen & ate breakfast, although when John let him out, he started calling, although not running around like a wild mule. Also this morning when John went out Jack & Rusty were standing fairly close to each other, so hopefully they will start hanging out together. It's so hard on animals when they lose their "buds", although some of them seem to understand more than others. Jack has always been attached to Max, ever since he came here.

I've been leaving Quilla alone since he came Sunday. He is not the touchy feely type & although he will stand if you go to him, he will not come to you. Courtney is suppose to come out today & try to trim on his nasty looking club foot. So I went out this morning to put a halter on him if I could. He stood in a corner & if I wanted to come over & put a halter on him, that was OK, although he wasn't going to pretend he liked it. His Mom said he had some sores on his legs he gets every summer & she had put some Swat on them. I didn't pay much attention at the time, but by this morning the Swat had worn off & I think we're dealing with some real bad jack sores. This is one front leg, the other one looks about the same around on the other side. The dark area is destroyed skin, it is like poorly cured leather. Everything I've read says jack sores are the same as summer sores on horses caused by habronema (stomach worm) larvae. But I am not convinced, although these are definately round circles. He wasn't real thrilled with me, a stranger getting up close to look to see if there are larvae in the circles. I washed them down with betadine water, powdered them with zinc oxide powder & wrapped both legs. One had lots of dirt & gravel in the sores, so I used thunja zinc oxide which is a cream on those to loosen the crusty crud. Tomorrow morning I will unwrap both legs & see what they look like. At that time I will probably go ahead & slather ivermectin on topically, just in case it is habronema. I'm going to be gone for a couple of days, & John doesn't do doctoring. So I want to doctor & wrap effectively for a couple of days. If it is habronema, the ivermectin would be the best thing to use. You can't heal the sores as long as there are larvae in there, so there would be no sense in putting on something to heal. But I can keep them covered so the flies can't reinfest.

I'm going to put Quilla & Daisy together in Max's pen for awhile. Although Daisy & Frijolita have eaten together for months, they really don't seem to have that much in common. And Frijolita has a lot more interest in eating everything in sight than Daisy does. Quilla doesn't seem to be a piggy eater either. So we'll see how they get along, personality wise, they seem to be a good match to me, but I've been wrong before.


Yancey said...

Did this treatment work? I have a mammoth jack with jack sores.

Tish said...

I still fight the fight with Quilla every year. In fact he is in Colorado with our winter visitors this summer to see if the change makes a difference. It has, but Linda is still having to doctor him although from what she says not as much as I have to in Arizona heat and sun. The main problem seems to be sun, so covering with men's crew socks or polo wraps really makes a difference. Also Cortizone10 from Walmart or Costco for wound control works pretty good. Good luck, it's a "pain" to try to treat, but they are worth it.