Thursday, August 06, 2009

A PARADE OF MICE...............!!!!

We've developed a mouse problem in the feed room It's concrete block, & should be mouse proof, although we are averaging one a night, & sometimes more depending on how many times we reset the live trap. Last night John caught 2 at once. A little boy & a little girl.............Hmmmm.......little boy should have been paying more attention to something other than the little girl....!!! (G) John swears there is no way they can get in around the pipes, BUT this morning I noticed there is a hole in the dirt above where the pipes come out. At least at the rate we're catching them, they don't have time to set up a permanent home, hopefully. He's going to check under the cabinet, which means he'll have to take the cabinet floor out. Might wait until it's cooler, although the feed room is air conditioned & the house isn't.................!!!!

I'm waiting for some people to come out to see the donkeys. This time of year we don't have many visitors. But this woman was here a year or so ago with a group of kids & has family visiting. The donkeys stay in, it's much easier to see them in the pens than roaming around under the trees. Although they enjoy the company, until the people get here, they yell & scream when we go out of the house.

Last night when John went out to let everyone out, Frijolita managed to outsmart him. He's not sure how she got out, but the gate was open, & she did. Poor little Daisy didn't figure out freedom was just a few steps away, before John noticed what had happened & closed the gate. So Daisy & Buddy Brat had the pens & Frijolita had a night of freedom. She showed up in the pen area this morning, but really didn't want to go in. They are really fun to watch, when they start trying to outsmart you. Although it's not much fun, when they actually accomplish it........!!!

Right now I'm having a rebellion on eating mush & supplements. They all get at least a small amount of soaked beet pulp & soaked Lakin Lite pellets so I have a way of getting their supplements into them. Since they've been on the new hay most of them aren't eating their mush, although Sha'ba, & Jack still enjoy it, they don't have many teeth. Pepper has reverted to eating hay & refusing mush. The new hay tested as being very good, so I'm wondering if it is furnishing all the vitamins & minerals their bodies need? Even Sha'ba although he's still eating his mush has started eating the new hay. John's been giving him less than a pound in the evening, & most of it is gone in the morning. It's very short & must be tender enough that he can maul it enough to swallow. I'm thinking of stopping supplements for those that aren't interested for awhile & see if absence makes it more interesting this winter. Right now it's so hot, they may just be not hungry, although they are still eating all the mesquite beans they can find.

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