Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quilla's legs seem to be doing real good. This morning the gauze on one leg had stuck a little & it bled when I pulled it off, but for the most part there are no bloody spots on his legs now. I'm hoping if I can keep the legs covered & dry they will build up some sort of tissue that will be stronger than the black area is right now. It's just like tissue paper, if you rub it or disturb it in any way, it bleeds. I got in my supply of gauze today, bought some tape, so I'm good to go for the forseeable future. One area this morning was damp, but it was under vet wrap, so I'll try to keep the wrappings to a bare minimum. He let me work on him this morning without being tied. Of course Daisy was standing close by waiting for her animal cracker. And Frijolita has figured out what's going on, so she was standing outside the pen, huffing at me. They sure are smart when it comes to food, actually they are pretty smart all the time......!!! (G)

Yesterday we did a home study for a new home for Honcho & Remington. They have a great home with 2 families that let them run on 40 acres. But everyone is moving or going to be gone for months at a time. When we do find a home for donkeys, we have the people sign a contract to return them to us if they can no longer keep them or care for them. In this case the owners found a wonderful new home for them with a woman that has had donkeys before. We will probably haul them to their new home when the time comes, but they won't have to return to us, which is good. We are like most rescues & sanctuaries right now, full up.This is a picture of Quilla's foot that was flared on one side, & he was walking on the hoof wall on the other. Courtney managed to get a lot of the wild growth trimmed off in the dark the night she was here. She's going to try to tidy it up & trim the other 3 next week. He's got low grade laminitis, which means this foot especially is constantly warm, although I haven't been able to feel a digital pulse. Courtney said something about putting him into boots to help cushion the sole & coffin bone. I'm not sure how boots will work out here in the rock & gravel, they fit pretty close to the hoof, but I know from experience the tiny little rocks get in shoes & socks & really hurt. I certainly don't want to make him anymore uncomfortable than he already is.

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