Sunday, August 02, 2009


Yesterday morning John was cleaning pens, & heard the gate rattling. Looked over & Frijolita was working it over even though John had locked it. He said she looked like she knew what she was doing, & seemed to think if she kept at it, magic would happen. Daisy was standing by, ready to escape although she wasn't participating in the actual gate opening project. John ignored what was going on & she finally gave up. We haven't seen her mess with it since, but than again, we've made sure to keep it locked. I think the bean crop is getting rather scare on the 10 acres, they are actually showing interest in coming in to eat. For awhile we've had to almost drag them, kicking & screaming in to eat. I told them either they eat hay to mix in with the beans in their system, or they will be in pens like Buddy & the girls. The new hay really looks & smells good, & they are more interested in eating it than the old stuff, so it might just be a coincidence. Pepper will leave his mush of beet pulp & Lakin Lite to eat hay, which is unusual for him.

This afternoon John prepared the trash trailer, for a trip to the dump tomorrow morning after chores. He came in & said he would have to wait until morning to put some of the more interesting items in the trailer. It seems that Rusty the white mule & Justin the small but determined mini donkey, found a bag of old egg cartons, left over from when we had more hens & we had eggs to give away. When John found them they had egg cartons strung from here to the next county.................!!!!! Justin isn't tall enough to take the bag out of the trailer...........BUT......Rusty is. I guess he started it & Justin joined in the fun. So John will have to finish his load in the morning, while everyone is in their pens, & we're ready to head for town.

It's still very hot, the humidity has dropped, but still no rain.

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