Monday, August 03, 2009

The mother & daughter behind the Little House stories...!!
From an article in the New Yorker by Judith Thurman
"Laura Ingalls married Almonzo Wilder in 1885. Their daughter, born a year later, was named for the wild roses on the prairie."

Looks like our little group will be larger by one Saturday. I don't know a whole lot about him, including his name. It's something like Quila, maybe short for Tequila......??? As I understand he is overweight & crippled & lost his horse buddy a couple of years ago. Sounds like this should be a good place for him. It also sounds like he will be going directly into the Fat Farm with Daisy & Frijolita, rather than being able to roam around & snack on mesquite beans & other delicacies.

Frijolita has a new game, called "grab the small holed hay net & throw it around the pen". I think she might be trying to throw it over the corral panels. Maybe she is trying to tell me something........!!!

We've had to use an eye bolt & clip on Buddy's hay net to keep him from slinging it & hay all over the place. He figured out if he shakes the heck out of it, the hay will eventually start coming out the holes. It's much easier to pick up off the ground than getting it out the little holes, although he is really good at that. We've decided we need to use another eye bolt & clip though. With it just attached to the wall in one place, he can pick the hay net up & still shake it. I'm hoping being attached in another place will cut down on his ability to "outsmart" me.

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