Saturday, August 08, 2009

QUILLA IS HERE..........!!!

This is Quilla when he arrived. They said he wasn't that difficult to load, so we assumed he wouldn't be hard to unload. Does this look like the stance of a donkey that's ready to get out of the trailer? I guess he figured since he had already ridden in the trailer & it hadn't killed him, he'd just stay there rather than face the unknown. John's in the trailer irritating him with a whip. He's looking at his Momma as if to say, "get rid of this horrible man Mom & let's go home". But he finally hopped out. He's not real big on leading, so it was quite an operation to get him to his pen. But we made it, & right away Chester came up to greet him.

He's been eating real good & I'm not sure who has the most pones, him or Daisy. He doesn't look Cushings which is great, & we feed a basic Insulin Resistance diet anyway. So we'll just watch the amount of hay he gets. I'm afraid he's going to miss his bran & COB though..... (G)

His feet have not been trimmed for years. He's actually self trimmed pretty good, except he has a club foot on the left front that needs some attention. It's clubbed, & flared on one side & rolled under on the other. They thought he is crippled, but I would imgaine when that foot is trimmed correctly he'll walk a lot different. Courtney is going to try to come back out Monday & we'll see if he likes getting trimmed any better than he liked coming out of the trailer. His Mom picked his front feet up, & he didn't fuss. But we'll see how it goes.

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