Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Georgette came out today to visit with her "godson" Sha'ba & to check on Quilla & see how he is doing. She is a good friend of Quilla's former owner & was instrumental in Quilla coming to live with us. She brought Sha'ba a new fly mask & I think he remembers her. He usually will let visitors feed him, but doesn't make a lot of effort to get up close & personal with them. He stood close to her & followed her around, for quite awhile. This afternoon before she left we went down below the house to find him, so she could say good-bye. Not only did we find him, he was standing amongst quite a few of the other donkeys, which is really unusual. He usually stays on the edge of the herd, so he can escape if necessary. She petted him & said good-bye & headed for her car. He followed right along beside her, which just made her day.

She helped me doctor Quilla's legs this morning. I left them uncovered until she came, so she could see how he is doing. They really are doing quite well, although I want to get in touch with the equine clinic up in Gilbert to see is they have any ideas to strengthen the skin on his legs. His legs aren't bleeding quite a easily, so I hope as we get the sores under control, that the skin will become more normal. When it cools off a little more, we will make arrangements to take Pepsi up & have a sarcoid removed under one of his eyes. This is the 3rd time it's returned after being treated, so it's time to get rid of it, once & for all. I'll take pictures of Quilla's legs & e-mail them to Dr. Taylor. If necessary we'll haul him up when we take Pepsi.

This morning I was looking at Daisy, & I think she is finally starting to drop a few pounds. Nothing dramatic, but she is looking more round & less lumpy. Her & Quilla eating together is working out real good. They are both very gentle & easy going, no posturing & making ugly faces, like some of them do. They eat at about the same speed, & although both of them are overweight, they are not greedy eaters. In fact BlackJack has figured out they leave wisps of hay, & makes a point of running in their pen when we open it. BlackJack doesn't leave anything, his mornings are spent running all the pens to make sure there is nothing left anywhere........!!!!

This morning everyone got a piece of watermelon before breakfast. I could tell who has had watermelon before, the 2 silliest ones were the 2 mules, Jack & Rusty. Lucy didn't want anything to do with it, & Tula wouldn't eat it until I put it in her feeder. Jack & Rusty both slobbered so much I don't know if they could taste it or not. The minis were pretty interested too, & tried to mug me for more.

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