Thursday, July 30, 2009

We went to town this afternoon, & when we came home, the girls were out again..............!!!! Me thinks one or the other has figured out how to flip the gate latch & open it. We haven't had to put clips on the gates since Chili went to his new home. John rounded them up & unlike last night, they cooperated & headed for the pen. They probably figured they might as well, since they are getting so good at opening the gate. Wait till they run into the clip, Chili never figured it out, & I would match his determination again anyone.

John finally started feeding the new hay today. It really is pretty hay, even has a little bit of oats in it. When I had it analyzed, it tested very low sugar & starch which is great. It seems to be a hit with the herd, which is good, since we have a lot of it.............!!!

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