Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I had a lot of fun Saturday getting into a race car again. Even got slammed on my side of the car. We always said "Dirt racing is a contact sport", so even that was fun........!!! In the main event Will rolled the car. That would have been a new experience, I've never rolled one, although I have climbed a few walls............!!! (G) I can imagine the trouble that would have caused if we'd rolled with me in the car. They might have stopped letting passengers ride, so although I would have liked to see what it's like to roll, I'm glad I wasn't in the car.

Getting in the car brought back memories, so I went thru some old pictures. The picture above is a little dated, considering our son Rod will be 45 years old in November........!!!! The fender behind us was the race car at that time, happened to be a 1955 or 1956 Chevy.

Fast forward a few years, by this time Rod was a teenager & we were still slopping around in the mud when we got the chance. At this time we had downsized to a VW from the old Chevys. I don't think it matters what you race, it's all relative, when all the cars are going the same speed. The little thing was quite competitive & John & I both had a lot of fun in it.

Now we're back to racing the big cars again.

So much for memories...............

The well is now working like it should, although the water isn't real clear yet. They had to break all the calcium deposits loose & the well guy said it will take a few days for everything to settle back down. We've got a lot more pressure & can actually run 2 hoses at one time again, should have done it months ago I guess.

I think Jack the mule got bit in the mouth by a bee a couple of days ago. The bees are really bad right now, they are at all the water buckets all day long. Jack was real protective of his head & wouldn't take a treat. He also wasn't finishing his mush, which is very unusual for him. Food makes his world go around. This morning he was back to his old self. I had planned on calling the vet today, if he wasn't better.

Jenny is trying to grow proud flesh on a split in one of her hooves. Her feet had been real good for quite some time, but a few weeks ago, she developed a split running down from the top. Right now the "blob" is very small & I've started treating it with Equaide, hopefully it won't have to be cut off. I have no idea what what caused her hoof to crack again. It's no where near as bad as it was when she came, it just a plain old split. But I thought we were past splitting, she had been doing so good & her feet were looking great...! They still look good, except one has a split in it. Hopefully it will grow out without leaving a damaged area on the coronet. Lucy has a lot of damage to her coronets & her hooves grow lumps & bumps & all sorts of strange ways.

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