Thursday, July 23, 2009

LIFE GOES ON........!!!!

Although I don't think our 3 "chubbies" are too thrilled with being in prison, they actually haven't been too upset. They do yell when we walk towards the pens though. Well, Buddy does, the girls just stand at the gate looking hopeful. The girls also will push the gate, & Daisy will push on us with her nose. I was afraid they would get really hungry, since they are just getting 1% of their body weight in hay, plus a small amount of soaked beet pulp & Lakin Lite pellets. But so far, getting out seems to be their primary goal, not getting more food to eat.

We have been using the small opening hay nets to feed them the last few days. I guess donkeys are smarter than horses, it took Buddy less than a minute to figure out how to push down on the nets & force the hay out of the holes. The girls took a little longer maybe 5 minutes. They spent the first 4 minutes looking at us like, "you have GOT to be kidding just feed us, don't turn it into some sort of silly human game." Once we walked away, they went over & got to eating. I can't tell that it takes them much longer to eat their paltry little bit of hay than it usually does. But John & I get the exercise of trying to stuff the hay into the nets, which I guess comes under the heading of entertainment for us........!!! (G)

Frijolita is back to walking without limping or jerking her hind legs when she walks. Dr. Weaver & I played phone tag for a couple of days & I never got to actually talk to him, before she "healed" herself. I wonder if she maybe pinched a nerve or something like that?

Haven't checked Burroland to see if the cows have found the open gates. It usually takes them a few days. We're checking poo every morning to see if someone is eating too many beans. So far Jenny big girl, & Buster Brown are probably going to be the next ones to go into prison. Buster has never had any problems with weight or laminitis, so I hate to lock him up. Jenny of course has ongoing problems with her feet, I check them every day for heat, so far she seems to be doing just fine.

Courtney is coming to tomorrow to trim & Martha is coming to massage Max & Chester. She hasn't seen Chester in quite awhile, & I'm anxious to see her face when she sees how well he is walking, almost no limp at all. He started getting better when she started massaging him, a few months ago.

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