Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is Pepsi, & Chester checking out the roof off the well house, & Lynn standing in the shade. Our well has been in operation since 1990 & had started losing some pressure. So it was time to have the pump pulled & clean out the calcium deposits that were blocking the holes in the pipe. The well guy brought us a 300 gallon tank we filled up at the neighbors, so we could fill water buckets, etc.

John used the bobcat to tear the roof off. When it came off it took limbs off the nearest mesquite with it. Guess what was on the limbs.........mesquite beans.......!!! That's what the boys are doing, vacuuming up beans as fast as they can. I looked out one time & there were 4 donkeys eating beans, & John said Pepsi was hidden between the roof & the well house. Sometimes it's convenient to be small I guess.

Notice I said John tore the roof off, it didn't exactly come off in one piece. It seems he had some hidden hurricane straps that he forgot to undo, & the bobcat had enough power to press on with the job. He hasn't decided whether to rebuild the roof or start from scratch & build a new one. It was 105 degrees here yesterday & suppose to be the same or hotter today. If that keeps up I would imagine he will do as little as possible to get the roof back on. It's just too hot outside to be doing anything you don't have to do.

We'll be feeding early today, our cars aren't racing, but John helps a friend in the pits with his factory stock, & I'm too nosy to miss anything. Actually tonight I will be riding "shotgun" in one of the little 4 cylinder cars they call hornets, in the heat race. Some of the hornet guys have put an extra seat in their race car for passengers. And one of the guys said I could ride. Yippee! It's been 29 years since I raced, I don't even know if I remember how to get in one.......!!! (G) You have to climb in the window & I'm not sure my creaky old body will bend that way anymore. I'm going to tell the guy to "run like he stole it" & think of me as ballast. In other words I don't want him to worry about me while he's racing.

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