Friday, July 17, 2009

IT'S HOT, HOT, HOT..............!!!!!

Hot & humid, with very little rain to show for it. I feel sorry for the gang when it's hot & humid like this. Although they always have access to shade, it's still HOT..........!!!!!

Everyone is doing pretty good right now, although they aren't eating much hay or beet pulp mush. It seems that the mesquite beans are really getting ripe & they are like kids in a candy store. We keep threatening to close Burroland for the duration & throw the ones that need it, such as Frijolita, Daisy & Buddy Brat into pens until all the beans are gone on the 10 acres. But they so enjoy being out & going to Burroland, every night we give in & open the gate. The only one that really has too many beans in poo is Jenny, big girl the mammoth. She really is eating too many & looks at her hay like it's not real food. Pepper looks at his hay the same way, but if we let him out into Jenny's pen, her hay tastes great......!!!

Dr. Weaver came today to acupuncture Max & Frijolita. He said Max's hips are much more level & Max actually seemed to enjoy the process today. When Dr. Weaver came the first time, Max didn't know what was going on, which makes him very nervous. We were afraid he was going to fall down, trying to back away. But he stood real good today. Frijolita very rarely jerks her hind legs anymore & if she does it's very mild. So I would say the acupuncture is helping both of them. I think Max still has nerve damage, & doesn't always know where his rear legs are, but hopefully with the passage of time he will be able to gain more control over them, in spite of the nerve problems.

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