Friday, July 03, 2009

Last night when everyone started wandering in for supper, I noticed that Chester was favoring his "good" front leg. Once he was in the pen, I checked him out & felt a swollen area on the back of the canon (shin) bone. Just what he doesn't need, a bowed tendon. No telling what he did, but obviously he mis-stepped while out roaming around with the herd. I got the polo wraps & a gel pak out of the freezer to wrap it. To say he wasn't impressed is an understatement. Had to tie him up short. One good thing about him, if you tie him up he usually gives up. I also gave him some bute for inflammation & pain. Kept it wrapped until bedtime, & of course he had to stay in for the night, which we heard about all thru the night. This morning he's actually walking pretty good & is standing around with weight on it. I wrapped it with the gel pak again & will leave it on until it loses it "cool", probably a couple of hours. We'll be car racing tonight & tomorrow night, so everyone will have to be in the pens more than usual. I'm sure he will enjoy the company. Not sure how long I'll keep him in. If you read the "rules" for treating a bowed tendon, they say months of stall rest. That's for horses that are going to be worked. All he has to do is walk around & be comfortable, none of that work stuff.

A few years ago the neighbor's dogs chased Belle & one of the other jennies during the night. The other jenny came in with cuts all over her where she had ran thru the trees. Belle came in with bowed tendons in both front legs. She could just barely walk. I kept her in for a few days & she spent most of the time laying down. Courtney came out to trim, & said since they are a flight animal that they might do better with exercise. We let her go out, she did very well & I don't remember her being lame for very long. So I guess I'll have to try to figure out what will be best for him. I certainly don't want him to have long term problems with his good leg, although he is walking very good on the crippled one these days with barely a discernable limp.

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