Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yesterday I finally got Daisy's legs clipped. It's been hot & humid & she was also picking up a lot of sticks & junk that had to be picked out. So it was time, even if she was cute with her "pantaloons" on. Here she is on the left with her friend Frijolita, waiting for breakfast to be served this morning. I found out clipping legs with large clippers is quite an operation. I tried using my little Wahl clippers, but they weren't up to the job. Her hair has the exact texture of cotton candy, fluffy & lots of it. The little clippers are for clipping around wounds or something like that, not industrial strength hair removal. So I used the big clippers to get off most of the hair, & used the Wahl to touch-up. She was very good & stood patiently for the whole process. I can think of some of the others that would have let me know in no uncertain terms that clipping was NOT what they had planned for the day. Probably Frijolita for one, she doesn't even like to be brushed............!!!!! (G)

Chester has done very good with his bowed tendon. I let him out this morning, after explaining to him that I expected him to be careful, unless he wanted to have to stay in the pen again. I watched him for awhile & he was using that leg just fine, not favoring it at all. It's a little hard to figure him out, since he's already lame on the other side. He could end up in a situation where, because of lameness on one side & bowed tendon the other, he would look like he was walking without favoring either one, while actually favoring both of them.

I've had to do something I never thought would happen, Jack the mule is now on a diet. Jack doesn't have very many teeth, & has quidded hay for years. Since he really doesn't chew hay, he gets a wet mash of soaked beet pulp, timothy pellets, & Lakin Lite a hay pellet made in Arizona. He at one time was really thin, so I've been feeding him about as much as he will eat. The other day I noticed he has no ribs showing & some very round little cheeks, & they aren't on his face. So the days of unlimited mash are over, at least for now.

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