Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This morning when John rounded up the gang for breakfast, there were 5 holdouts that stayed hidden on Burroland. This is 2 of them, Frijolita & Jenny. Also involved were Tula, the ringleader, Chester her paramour & a surprise rebel, Daisy.........!!!! She is always the first one to greet John every morning, at least up until this morning. I guess she's found out following Tula is a lot more fun than being predictable.....!!! (G) We went ahead & fed the ones we had & then went over on Burroland to find them. I went one way, John went the other & of course he found them. He said he tracked them, since it rained last night & the ground was soft. I'm not that smart, I just go out & tromp around till I flush them out of the brush. When I caught up, he was following along behind them at a slow meandering walk. I told him they needed to be cranked up rather than just being allowed to do it their way. I took over & we went thru the gate at a decent trot. I would have made them run, but it's hot & humid & I couldn't move that fast....!!! If I have to get involved it's going to be on my terms, not theirs............. (G)

Monday night John had gone out to let them out at bedtime, & I was nodding off in the recliner, when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a bomb going off in the kitchen. I figured Moogee the cat had climbed something & knocked it down, although it was a lot louder than her usual OOPS! The kitchen looked fine, so I went back to the pantry..........!! YIKES! Do you have any idea what an 8 x 14 foot pantry looks like, when a gallon can of apples has exploded? I didn't before, but I do now, & it's not pretty. The floor, the walls, the shelves, all the stuff on the shelves, our coats leftover from winter, & I hate to go back to it, but the floor. There was no place to walk or stand without "getting involved". John was amazed & quite impressed when he came in. He said we'll clean it up in the morning, so I had to explain to him what a exploding gallon of apples with sugar would be like after sitting for a few hours. Three hours later we finally got to bed, & yesterday was spent continuing cleaning, sanding the shelves & putting eurathane or however you spell it on them. That little step got neglected when we originally put them up. Now we know why it's important to have the wood sealed. Right now it's pretty humid, so it's going to take a few days to get 2 or 3 coats on & get them dried enough to put cans, etc on them. I had been talking about cleaning out the pantry & getting rid of outdated stuff, should have followed thru, I guess.

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