Friday, July 17, 2009

UPDATE ON THE DAY...............!!!

Tonight when we started rounding up for feeding, John noticed Justin was on the wrong side of the fence. Where the fence goes across the big wash, is a little creative because when the wash runs it takes out fence posts, etc. John built the fence so that it will kick out rather than burying the posts. All that does is get the posts bent when the water & everything else comes crashing down the wash. When John noticed Justin he went over to the fence & tried to coax the little escape artist back on our side. Rather than come to John & go thru where John was holding up the fence, Justin made the mistake of going to where he went under the fence & coming back that way. Made it real easy for John to figure out where he needed to string another piece of wire. He found out the bottom wire was smooth wire, so it's a wonder they haven't gotten out before. Now it's barbed wire, so that should slow Justin & his " little friends" down for awhile.

It looks like Burroland will be closed as of today. We had a wind storm right before dark, & it started raining mesquite bean pods all over the place. In fact the 4 that don't go in pens to eat, left their hay & headed for the big trees. Tomorrow we'll open the gates & put salt out to get the range cows to go into Burroland & clean up the beans. I just hope the donkeys show some constraint about the beans available around the house, or they'll have to stay in pens for awhile. I've ordered some special hay nets with very small openings in the mesh, to put their hay in while they are staying in the corrals. It's suppose to be a great way to make them take a long time to eat their hay, rather than grabbing great big mouthfuls & being done in an hour or so. I hope they are a bigger hit than the wading pool was for the dogs. I figured it was so hot the dogs would be thrilled with a pool of their own. NOT! Only if I get in first.......!!! I'm not swimming in the pool, & I'm not eating hay out of the nets to show how much fun it is................!!!!

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