Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is the 3rd time in recent history I've caught Lucy Girl on the courtyard & I love it. A few months ago she would not have made the effort. Now it seems whenever we forget to close the gate, she likes to come on the courtyard & chew on the poor little mesquite tree we planted to make shade. It never has grown very fast & her gnawing on it certainly doesn't help.

All of the donkeys know they aren't suppose to be on the courtyard, gate open or not. Most of them, when caught will start trying to get out as soon as possible. I'm always afraid they might slip on the saltillo tile, so we don't chase them although we do encourage them with harsh words. Harsh words do not bother Lucy at all, she also doesn't lead unless you are going where she wants to go. In this case she wasn't interested in leaving just yet. I finally picked up a little hand rake, & started tapping her on the butt. It took long enough that I don't think my tapping had much to do with her leaving, I think she thought it was time to go see what Buster was doing. Buster is one that starts scrambling if you catch him. Usually they are joined at the hip, but for some reason he was off somewhere else.

We've had some wind which of course blows down the mesquite beans. Sometimes it's almost impossible to get them rounded up to eat hay, they'd prefer to stay out & eats beans. John checked Burroland to see if the cattle had found the gate. So far they haven't, & he said there are beans on the ground everywhere over there.

Flies are really bad right now. Even though we use the fly predators, fly traps & fly masks, there are still plenty of them around. I hung a new fly trap yesterday morning & by evening feeding time there was a layer of flies in it about 1 1/2 inches deep. I figure each fly I catch is one less to bother the animals or reproduce.............!!


Tara said...

I love your blog! Saturday I was out doing some yard work and I could hear your animals talking away to each other, or to you hehe. As for the mesquite beans, the cattle have discovered mine. When they are finished laying around & grazing in my yard im sure they will head on over to your place. :) Tara the new neighbour.

Tish said...

I would imagine you were hearing Lynn yelling for Tula, not that Tula cares.

We thought the cows were on Burroland this morning, but it was just the neighbor's dogs. All the donkeys were "at attention" trying to figure out what was on THEIR land.

So you are now offically a neighbor, huh? When you get a chance, come on over.

Tara said...

We move in Thursday :) I will for sure come over and say hello.