Monday, June 02, 2008

Well, John learned a valuable lesson yesterday................never get between an equine that is wanting another equine to "go away". He has 2 rather small hoof size bruises on the back of his thigh that Twinkie put there. For some reason she & Gus are never going to be friends. John was in a gate, Twinkie of course was in his hip pocket, & Gus was standing on the other side of the gate. Twinkie saw him, whirled & kicked.............forgetting that her buddy John was between them. It's always amazing how many colors you can see in a bruise, right now they are black with shades of deep purple.

This morning Pepper choked. He has choked a few times in the past, & it's always scary. Usually he chokes, & clears within a few minutes, but this time took about 4 hours, in fact I was getting ready to call the Vet & tell them we were coming in, when I saw he was finally swallowing. Whew! His teeth were just checked a few days ago & there wasn't anything they could do to make them work any better. John said he was eating hay when he choked, rather than the timothy pellets, I've always blamed in the past. He is Insulin Resistant & also has Cushings disease & has lost a lot of muscle mass & body fat. I keep trying to get him to eat more, but he seems to have a built in regulator. If I try to feed him a cup more of feed, he will leave a cup. Doesn't slow the old buzzard down though, he still likes the ladies.............!!!!

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