Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SHAG & PEPSI ARE HOME..............!!!

We didn't get back from Mesa with the boys until it was almost dark. By the time we got everyone rounded up & in their pens it was past dark. We tried to lead Shag the mini horse out of the trailer. But he was unsure of where the ground was & decided he wasn't coming out. He has one front foot that is clubbed, so we certainly don't want him stumbling out of the trailer. Tried Pepsi & he was even less interested than Shag. So we put hay & water in there & bid them a "good night". I'm sure in daylight it will be a lot easier.

They are cute as they can be, although both of them are overweight. They've been on bermuda grass & from the looks of them, plenty of it..............!!! Shag is about 8 years old, bay color & has enough mane for a couple of horses, you can't even see his ears, which I might add look really really tiny.........!!! (G) Pepsi is about 4 years old, & has a small sarcoid under his eye, we will be doctoring for awhile. They are very friendly, although getting them loaded in the trailer took awhile. Actually Shag went in pretty good. But Pepsi was really determined not to get in that thing...............!!!! He may not be very big, but he's real strong & we were both wore out by the time he finally gave up. Hopefully I'll have time to take pictures tomorrow.

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