Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This morning after everyone ate & went out we opened all the pens so Pepsi & Shag could explore a little. They spent the day checking everything out & seem to have settled in pretty good. Although Shag does like to confront the big guys thru the corral panels. This afternoon John saw him running around with a big mouth full of black hair. Gus was standing beside a bent corral panel. It looked like he had stuck his head thru the panel & while it was inside, Shag took that opportunity to grab a mouthful. Those panels are lightweight, & I guess Gus bent it trying to retrieve his head. I told Shag he better not be acting like a big tough guy while he's in the pen, because paybacks will be hell, when he goes out in a few days. He seems to be able to move pretty fast, even though he's club footed, so maybe he can outrun them when the time comes. The exercise will be good for them both, they have been eating well, in fact a little too well............!!!!

Shag has some of the biggest chestnuts I've ever seen. They stick out from his leg an inch or more. I've always taken them off with vaseline, but these are large enough I might try to just peel them off...........if he cooperates. So far they both are acting like little squirrels, which is normal. So I'll probably give them few days to settle in, before I start picking at them. Pepsi needs to have his sarcoid doctored, but I'll wait on that too.

John leaves tomorrow for a few days in Indiana. He'll be back next Tuesday. So I know what I'll be doing for the next few days. Hopefully I will get morning chores done before it's time to start evening chores.........!!! (G)


PaintedPromise said...

getting morning chores done before it's time for evening chores - IS there such a thing when you are working alone???? just a tad of a rant since the girls are working so much they are not pulling their weight around here any more, it's pretty much all on me... thank God for volunteers :)

PaintedPromise said...

PS the new kids are CUTE! hope they settle in quicky.

Tish said...

Boy what I wouldn't give for some volunteers....!!!! (G) We just aren't close enough to civilization for consistent help. Haven't let the new kids out yet. John's gone until Tuesday. As much as Shag has been fighting thru the fence, I'm afraid for his life, if the others get a chance at him. So I'm waiting for backup.......!!! (G)